Why Rentals


Why Rentals ?

Fewer Known Facts !!

Dealing with Obsolete Technology

Obsolete technology has always been the biggest concern for any organization. In the recent trending technology, any device becomes obsolete within no time. SUMO offers you a wide variety of latest technology and allows you to upgrade as per your business demands and will. This also allows you to evade investing in the latest technology. Hence, offloading a major worry about being obsolete and keeps you upgraded with the technology.

Heavy on your pockets

Owning technology incurs a huge Capital Investment. You save these investments by renting technologies which enables you to convert Capital Investments to Operational expenses. Renting IT products frees up your critical monetary resources that could be better utilized to meet other requirements, which are of higher priority.

Balance Sheet benefits

Rentals are expenses which are off Balance Sheets. Such rental agreements could improve financial indicators such as your firm's debt-to-equity ratio or earnings-to-fixed-asset ratio.


Renting IT products has a huge advantage of having a Hassle Free Service. All the machines come with free service from SUMO and hence cheaper Service / Support investment.

Business Growth

An organization always plans ahead in terms of Business and renting IT products lets you analyze Business growth on project basis and hence arriving at a break-even point very early. Your Business will upscale while you constantly upgrade Technology and hence enabling you to acquire new Businesses and Projects.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The Company has a sole mission to offer an unbeatable range of laptops, desktops, printers, to our
customers at affordable prices.

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