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Started in the year 1994 when the IT industry in India was still burgeoning, we saw that a large number of companies found it difficult to optimize their operations efficiently and this resulted in ramp up time which also impacted man hours. Sometimes new employees had to even wait for a week or two before they were fully operational simply because systems were not available and had to be procured resulting in lead times which not only impacted revenue but also resulted in serious impacts on the employees perception of the organization which in turn affected employee morale as well.

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We, at Sumo Technologies, decided to offer need based infrastructure solutions to organizations to reduce waiting periods required for procurement and setting up / servicing of infrastructure. More importantly we also focused on customer satisfaction which could only be achieved if our products as well as service were of the highest quality. Over the last twenty three years, we have grown into the most sought after name in leased infrastructure, i.e. IT rentals, and our customer base includes some of the largest as well as several small to medium sized businesses in India.

Apart from offering a large array of options of laptops, desktops, printers, UPS, routers and switches, we also offer other services such as office space, bandwidth, and similar necessities to set up new businesses or expand existing ones. Our philosophy still remains the same - to service our customers' need based and ad hoc requirements with minimal turnaround time, best-in-class infrastructure and efficient service.

We ensure that with our world class IT products, IT hardware solutions, and other services our customers excel in their businesses.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The Company has a sole mission to offer an unbeatable range of laptops, desktops, printers, to our
customers at affordable prices.

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